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Di Martin


Di Martin has more than 30 years of experience training puppies, dogs and their owners. Di’s passion is for clients to experience the unique relationship she has with her own dogs and strives to find methods that will inspire everyone. She is often invited as a guest presenter and trainer at obedience and dog training clubs across the UK and Europe. 

Her science background has driven her to gain a full understanding of the learning theory and science of modern dog training, cracking the code of how dogs think, feel and learn. She strives to help owners connect better with their dogs, providing face-to-face training along with ground-breaking online video, pictorial and written materials to support all human learning styles. 

She is a prominent figure in dog sports, running seminars internationally to help like-minded people develop their understanding of canine behaviour and training. She is a championship judge and handler, winning Crufts herself with Obedience Champion Colliewood Candy Girl in 2011.

Di is an advanced instructor under the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme and a certified Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT) instructor for aggression and anxiety-based behaviour. She has great experience in solving behavioural problems and works with clients to put in place practical step by step approaches to resolving complex issues. 

Di combines this with general confidence building, advanced handling techniques as well as interactive training games to ensure dogs have the best programme of development. She has helped tens of thousands of dogs and their owners to build better relationships and meet their training goals, be it for family dogs, working dogs, therapy dogs or competitive sport dogs. 

Watch the video to see Di’s inspirational journey to become a professional dog trainer.

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Kamal Fernandez

Kamal Fernandez is a dog trainer, author, world championship level sports dog coach and has more than 30 years’ experience training dogs from all walks of life. His current dogs include a Belgian Malinois, Border Collies, a German Spitz, a Boxer, a Giant Schnauzer and Sugarpuff his rescue Jack Russell-Poodle Cross.

As an internationally renowned seminar instructor, Kamal has been invited to teach in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium and Germany, amongst many others. Kamal’s other career highlights include being a Championship Obedience judge and Crufts competitor.

Since a humble start battling with his own dog training challenges, Kamal has immersed himself in the world of animal training. His thirst for knowledge combined with his job as a police officer, working with young offenders and studying psychology has contributed to his dynamic and innovative teaching style and his ability to get the best from his pupils, be they human or canine!

Kamal is a faculty member of the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy, associate member of the Pet Professional Guild and speaker at prestigious seminars including the Victoria Stillwell Bite Prevention Conference, IMPACT conference for service and military personnel, as well as TV appearances on Sky Television’s ‘Dogs Might Fly’, where 12 rescue dogs were followed on their journey to ‘flying a plane’.

Watch the video to see Kamal’s compelling story about becoming a professional dog trainer.


Marka Support Trainer

Julia is a dedicated dog lover who has turned this passion into her career. She works with dogs of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and their owners to nurture positive relationships. Julia runs classes targeted from puppies to adult dogs, covering general training, agility, obedience, life skills and behavioural problem solving. By developing bespoke training plans for every client, she tailors her training to every client’s needs. 


Marka Support Trainer

Kath is a true dog enthusiast whose passion and motivation is in helping others to develop and find the best relationship with their dog, be that as a wonderful pet companion or within fun canine sports. She has trained with her own dogs in various disciplines including gun dog, agility, working trials and competition obedience and was fortunate enough to have competed twice at Crufts with her Chihuahua and Labrador. After being in the industry for ten years, she now runs her own centre in Essex, teaching a variety of classes and 1-2-1 training.  


Marka Support Trainer and Teaching Mentor

Claire has worked as a professional dog trainer since 2021 and has always loved working in collaboration with her dogs, be it through training, therapy, dog sports or dog-centred hobbies. She has more than 25 years of experience in corporate development roles, leading to her particular specialisms in building effective partnerships; marketing and copywriting; and smart strategy development to meet performance goals. Originally a marine engineer, she quickly transferred to become an international group marketing manager, looking after brand, copywriting, mergers and acquisitions. Moving to the public sector, Claire held roles leading performance and partnership agendas, working closely with the strategic leaders of public service providers to deliver shared priorities.

Through this unusual blend of experience, she has strong skills in communication, negotiation, co-operation and teaching techniques. Claire was the co-founder of a nationwide digital walking guides business, which supported outcomes as diverse as tourism, public health, fundraising and – perhaps most importantly! – the improved access to the countryside for dog lovers. This business was acquired by a global provider in 2019, leaving Claire free to spend more time with her standard poodle and to share her expertise with the world of dogs.


Marka Business Support Geek

Richard has a background in strategy, business development and sales, having been responsible for marketing and brand in industries as diverse as utilities, renewables, engineering, consultancy, publishing, leisure and technology. His interest and expertise in technology has allowed him to support many start-up companies in website creation, CRM management, App development as well as consultancy around business structure and sales. As president of a professional engineering institute, he helped members develop their careers through continual professional development (CPD), mentoring and on-the-job training.

Richard was the co-founder of a nationwide digital walking guides business, based on an App technology solution and a walking guide creation service offered to a wide range of organisations including pubs, local authorities, charities and walking clubs. The walking guides were loved by experienced hikers, casual ramblers and those wanting to enjoy adventures with the whole family, including their dogs. The business was acquired by a global company offering a similar service in 2019, leaving Richard time to support more small start-ups as well as his other passions: he is a keen semi-professional photographer and a proud owner of a standard poodle..